Saturday, March 27, 2010

Job atTENSION..!

"When I'm talking job,work and all stuff, YES, it was a thankful to get a job in this critical jobless time. I'm happy to has a makan-gaji job, at least i can live up for myself and not to burden anyone anymore, esp; my beloved family. Want to forget about the pass when i really BE a burden to each people by myside. At that moment, i feel really dumb and nob to be a jobless men, thus, all of my friends, schoolmates, have thier own and stable job. Thanks to god, finally on October 20th last year (2009), officially I'm be one of millions government servants in this great country. Government? Sound too strereotypes to say when we're jobless. Who least i got my own live.

Till now, i'm really happy (not so~lah) to work in the organization. Everyone seems to be nice with me, except one of the most hated person - him, I dunno why, but, till now, i can't really get along to working with him, not to mention that i'm pros, but, he always seems like not professionals regarding to all tasks that usually i need to accomplished. frankly speaking, majority of all my collegues were just pretending to be the good employees in front of him, esp; ME myself. Along through about 5 months i was working here, i think i've lost 80% of my own life, seriously! I've lost my time to get along with my friends (even though i got not much friends here, but i do got some), all i need to do was working until late days, not like any normal working hours, daa....i'm working as a govt serv only...not a private slave! I dont want to talk about the barkah ang sincerelity of what i'm getting paid for, coz surely it doesn't seems reasonable...and no OT allowance paided, or if has to get along a complicated and bureaucratic processes..fill this...fill that, report this and that...hey..!!what are the PUNCH CARD mean..huh??!!

Working till late days, why? Hmm...surely it's all about the unpros 'grand singe à tête'  thats really makes all tasks being so chaotic and miserable. From i was in school, i really hated the last-minutes job or any changes, but now it becoming synonyme to all task that i need to do, plus this and that, cut this and that,...finally..i can't even get my attentions to one tasks to another, hence, my job qualities and task ability becoming decrease, day by day. Seriously, i'm becoming like an idiot by having this person as my lead...!!
And most disgusting feeling s that i've never compromised with was his show-off behavior through department. I knew, sometimes we need to get into spotlight, but at the same time, don't let the spotlight burning you. Not for this  type of person. Getting a praises, some kipas-kipas, something that having his name on it, was his food. And as his follower unit, we need to push to the limits and all outs to do a thing with never scrached his 'good' name. Konon-nya~lah..! I not to mentioned that that was a cause why i'm (actually we) hated him so much, but the issue here was how he treat us as a workers, not as a slave. I'm not hoping of getting a gift or something like dinner or what else, but the most important thing is the A.P.P.R.E.C.I.A.T.I.O.N of what we've done...that's all. Not so much. Not a 'psycho-like-look', not a threatening words, not a garbage's not that man!

And all this thing happens, makes me snored tired, more hates to woke up in the morning and have to facing him.  That's when i'm talking..."