Thursday, March 25, 2010

when i'm talking...

1st post.
Didn't know what to say. time is short. but, why i'm choosing "when i'm talking..." as my main quote? don't know why, it just came across my mind. No doubt. When i'm talking, i'm says what i'm gonna saying, each word, i meant it. No hipocritisme(<--is it correct word?lol). It's democracy, but STRICTLY - NO politics, religions, and racist issue! It's disgusting. When i'm talking, high probability in MANGLISH (Malaysian English~lah!), always in Malay..and sometimes in France too(Translation version maa~). 

Why France???? dream city ever ever after was Paris!!!!

Id die to go there!!
So i need to practise from now!!

Bhahahahahahahahahahaha!!! So stupid kan!
I dunno where im started to fallen n love with Paris...
As far as i can remember....when i was a kid,

one of my neighbour was pursuing her studies in France,
and me, with my two elder brother, she called us "The Three Musketeers"!!
And regularly send us a postcards from France, especially the photo of the city of Paris!!! Eiffle Tower!!! Grrrr!!!!
Will story about that later!!

Au revoir! (Good bye!)
Live your life...! Regards, Ajeeb.