Tuesday, April 13, 2010

P.A.I.N. is cured...[steps by steps].

"When I'm talking about my life now, thanks so very much to God that my lifes was getting better now.
Now i'm trying to forget what was happened to my lifes that i had wasted to in the past. The things now is to pampered and pay back all the sacrifations of my families, friends, and some peoples towards me, together with me all the times, especially in my hards times. Mom. She sacrified a lot of things for me; i can never break her heart again. I knews, she never hopes for anything for me but my happiness. I really owed her her lifes, her times, her sadness, and her happiness.Sis; she was the kindess and fullhearted woman in this world. what eva happens to me, she accepted and pampered me as i am still her baby bro. My families; even if i've done something that worst, they always supports me, brings hope for me. Friends; thier sincerity and pure of hearts that gives my life more meaningful, even sometimes i'm behaving like an 'angle' or a bit of 'devilness', they always be by my side. Thanks to all!!!

And now i'm trying to be a good human, not only to myself, but to everyone that really appreciates me as a person. I don't care about any thoughts that will makes me down.Whatever! The times is getting shorter. I'm not a young,hopeless,playfull and dependent child anymore. I'm getting 25th this year, so many things to do to payback all the times that i was wasting for.

 Who cares? Even sometimes i do need somebody by myside, to love and to be loves, but each times, that seems to be more complicated and no hopes for me. Let it be grows by itlself. I don't want to talks about loves now. It's not about the loser words or something dumped, but it really makes myself becoming more stress. I just want to live my life now. Seeking for the pure and sincere loves that will makes my day. No dramas!

Works? As usual. Full of dramas and hypocritism. Politics never ends. What i'm doing now is go with the flows and not to concern to any of annoying things. It is true, sometimes i really tired of somebodies behaviors at my office, but i'm not to think it too seriously. Just says that it was a norms environments of goverment servants. I'm not saying that it was a bad situations, but logically it was happens. Never look back, i'm just want to do and perfoms all my best to be a good employee. Sounds schematic, but this is me now. I don't want to be bothered by annoying and downed words that will harm me in the ends.

And as i'm talking, the pain is cured...steps by steps...! "