Friday, October 29, 2010

i need a break.

'sigh...!' Just arrived at home by 2130hours. The outstation tasks was really challenging, but Alhamdulillah its went smoothly, yet...really exhausted. Another new experiences for me on how to deals with various types and attitudes of people. Luckly all of them was really then i'll become more professionalistas....hihihi~!
Hmm..just before leaving the headquaters, mr.boss has told me that please be at the office tomorrow morning, no excuse, even we're just finished our over timing, i'm just nooded 'OK'...but the truth is, i'm really need a break, i'm really not feeling well. A bit of dizzy.

*muka sembab+exhausted+dizzy2 lalat*

Arrived at home, starts to unpack all the things (but some still in my luggage coz i've already sort it for all the outstations task...jimat masa packing! hihi). Banyak giler baju2 kotor this week..x sempat nak basuh, usually i'll wash them twice a week, but this dobi lah jawabnya!...lagipun sekali dgn baju2 yg nak di'dry-clean'kan. Then bermula lah sesi memanjakan diri...mandi sepuas2 hati, dgn body n facial scrub, cuci n conditioning my new cut hair (new trimming after the incident!), manicures n pedicures....all by myself, tak payah nak pegi spa..hahaha! May be some will assuming that i'm really pampered, but the truth is, tak salahkan memanjakan diri sendiri selepas penat n letih mencari rezeki. Kadang2 some of my friends pelik n annoyed with my over-maintainance..hmm..lantaklah..memang pun each month i'll spending some of my income with all the stuff..coz i really need it, bukan membazir pun kan. OKlah...beta nak beradu dulu..see ya~!