Sunday, October 17, 2010


"When I'm talking about to be an organ donor on my fB status, i've received a lots of pros&cons, from my families & friends. 1st, thanks for all the LOVES! i knew that all of you was really love n care for me. But, no worries, k? I won't do something without think about it wisely..bapak masih waras ya!! Hehe..

But, why did i suddently makes up my mind to be an organ donor? It's simple. I'm just LOVES this LIFEs so very much, and i want to share it with anybody. Don't u guys read my quotes, as Jason Mraz' song 'Life is Wonderful'? It said that, 
"It takes some cold to know the sun
It takes the one to have the other..."

Usai, kita lupakan dulu semua tu, k? But, thanks to all those yg sgt supportives to me, ingatkan nobody will not be paying any attention to all the words that i've posted. Hehehe...! No worries dear sis, bros, frens,...of course i'll think it wisely, always...wisely..dari semua sudut, agama, perasaan kalian, dan juga perasaan saya. And when the times come, i'll click this link