Monday, October 25, 2010 caring (Life is Wonderful)

"It's nothing. Regarding to my previous entry on this matter,...i've decided, soon after get the permissions &  blessings from my dearie family (dear sis, dear bros, & of course...dear mom & dad)..i'll sent off this 'gift' for registration.

I knew, it's really hard for them to accept this decision, but for me, i really wanted to do this as a human being, my feels will be more calm if i'm doing this, giving this 'gift' to those who really need this. Sharing the beauty of life with all the human. And who knows, may be one day, other people will do the same to any of my family...rite?

p/s : thanks to one of my friend, which gives me the inspiration last weekend by watching together the "Seven Pounds" di saat aku begitu memerlukan.