Monday, October 25, 2010's Monday-blues..Think It POSITIVE way~'s Monday, again! Hehehe..i'm sure that most of us was really hated this Monday-blues feeling. After haved the relaxing weekend, sometimes it's hard to change our 'mode' to working mode...
It's same here...before this, my Monday is like the worst day in a week..(previous entry).
So...apa kata starting from today, kita tukar 'mode' blues tu kepada something yg lebih POSITIVE!

Last week, sempat2 jugak la melapangkan masa ke Library office to look after some books (yeah~i'm a bit bookworm, not a nerd..k!) and dalam masa yang sama pulangkan buku2 yang dah agak lama dipinjam. hihi!
So, this is something that i want to share with all of you; from Positive Thinking by Susan Quilliam ; "Ten Tips for a Positive Lifes".

1. Most negative thoughts are based on a misinterpretation of the situation. If you feel negative, look around the situation. Are the facts on which you base your pessimism correct? Are you really judging other people accurately? Are you imagining the worst, with no actual reason for doing so? Try to shift your attitude to a more positive one.

2. Keep a daily thought diary. In it, note down key thoughts, with the circumstances that created them. For example, if you felt irritated at work, think about why and make a note of it. Think about your emotional reaction. It should help you learn which situations provoke a negative or positive reaction. Regularly re-read your diary to trace your thought patterns and gauge whether you are becoming more positive.

3. Alter your mental images. By exploring and developing your mental representations you can feel much better about yourself and life. For example, if you're feeling resentful towards your partner, imagine him as a small child who needs a hug. If you feel threatened by a colleague, imagine her in a silly hat. If the weather's awful, imagine a sunny day.

4. One way to achieve long-term positivity is to ask why you are thinking negatively. Are you frightened of what might happen in life - scared of being cut dead by friends, losing your job, splitting up with your partner? The answer is to face the fear, imagining what you would do and how you would cope if these things happened. Once you've faced up to your worst fear, it will automatically feel less scary and you'll be more able to cope.

5. Using constructive language can turn your negative thoughts around. Be aware of your words. Instead of thinking 'I can't', tell yourself how you can. Instead of saying, 'I regret' say, 'next time I will'. Instead of 'this is awful' tell yourself what opportunities there are in the situation.

6. Learn to handle strong negative emotions. If you feel bad, don't bottle it up or push it down. Instead, work off the bad feeling with physical exercise. Calm yourself by relaxing and focusing on calming thoughts. Talk through your feelings with a friend or a professional counsellor.

7. Optimists take credit for the good things that happen, while putting the bad things down to coincidence, circumstance or mistake. Although you need to take responsibility for what goes on in your life - if something goes wrong, don't take all the blame. Focus on your successes and recognise your contribution to things that turn out well.

8. You won't feel positive if you spend most of your time doing things you hate. If you are in the wrong job, change it. If you are in the wrong relationship, move on. Make time each day to do activities you enjoy and to indulge yourself.

9. Don't let a tiny problem escalate into disaster. Immediately stop the downward spiral by injecting some positivity into the situation. Do something small that you know will succeed - such as a small specific task that you've done many times and that you know you are not going to fail at - this can be anything from making a cup of tea, writing an email or tidying a file. Let this sense of achievement boost you to take another, bigger step to success.

10. Research suggests that the more meaning you see in life, the easier you will find it to be positive. This doesn't necessarily mean having a religious faith - but it does mean having a sense that there is a plan, a point, a purpose to life. Spend time thinking about why you are here in this world - and then let that sense of purpose guide you.

p/s : So, bak kata Puteri....hidup cuma sekali...sooo..kiter enjoyyys!!