Sunday, November 28, 2010

Missing Car..

Attention to all my friends; just to ask for your kindly favour,

One of my friend Nurazam Shamsuddin just lost his car at Salak South, recently last nite,

So, if any of u did seen Black Proton Savvy, JKN 3424, please immediately do inform me or any nearby police station/patrol.

Thanks for your kind noted on this short msg.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

misteri kehilangan...

What so mystery?? NOTHING! LOL!
Just want to share some photos that will solve the mystery of my 'missing-in-action' past few days! Hehe!

Date : November 22nd -25th 2010
Location : Teluk Dalam Resort, Pangkor Island, Perak. 
Mission : Outstation - Teambuilding Course for JPA's Officers (BKP Division)

hehehe..nothing much to say...the conclusions; IT'S REALLY FUN!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sakit Tungking! LOL!

"Muscle pain!! Woke up in the middle of the nite..tried to stretch back all the muscles yang sudah cramps due to the happening outdoor activities at Pangkor last three days!" stated on my FB wall today! hahahaha! last, all of us was arrived at the office (Putrajaya) from Pangkor Island by 2015 hours last nite. It's really the happening course ever...hahaha.. All of us includeds the secretariats was so sporting and friendly. The three days course, "Teambuilding Courses for BKP's Officers" was so awesome! All the activities was held outdoors, such as jungle trekking, water rafting, flying fox, repeillling, and another physical, managements & IQ games..and ended up with the fun & interesting visits around the island.
I'll posted all the story-mories about the course soon..and now..time to get back to sleep...coz i still to get to the office by this morning..(arrghhh....muscle pain!!)

Last moments captured before leaving the island... :-)

Friday, November 19, 2010

telenovela ke?

hmmm...pagi2 aku dah ketat (meminjam frasa favourite Mat gebu).
Cerita yang lepas bersambung lagi.
Dah macam spanish telenovela @ sinetron indonesia pulak. LOL! Penat lah...

After a fews incidents yang melibatkan salah guna social medium, i've just made up my mind to brings all the matters by using the
black&white of those cases.

Hated the stalkers,tiba2 je aku terlibat dlm kancah rumah tangga org lain.Takkanlah each time nak upload picts kat FB pun kena letak watermark dekat setiap keping..hatta pic daun sekalipun...lotih jang oii...apahal plak pergi "save as picture" masuk dlm hp la...lappy la..then bila dah kantoi, tiba2 je aku jadik pelakon undangan dalam drama tu kan. With no point tiba2 aku kena interrogation in the middle of the night....again! What The Funny??!!!

Stalkers &... plagiators, go away please..or else hadaplah dengan Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 worries!

Suddently my mood to celebrate this feast day was interrupted by a call from a so-called mis-understood person that claim his wife was already falls in love with me. LOL! I was really shocked to hear that and so, with no doubt I called him back to ask and explained the truth that i was never knew personally the women, and cleared all the matters with loudspeaker switch on to make sure that all his family and his wife listen to me.
Hmm...that's really funny moments when finally he did calm down and said that was not my mistakes at all. In the name of the almighty Allah SWT, i never falls, a bit of feelings towards that woman, she's just my past years friends whom I didn't knew personally or even met her since I was form 2! And funny things is, how did she dare to claims to his hubby that she was falls for me! Totally insane! What the funny!! Everythings was cleared now,and please don't disturb me again if u doesn't knew how to interpreted this relationship to your hubby, and dont drag me into the middle of your crisis. Learn the word empathy and sympathy.OK. To the cool hubby, thanks for understood my explainations.

Don't worry man, she's not the one for me!

silent AidilAdha

"Qurban.." that was a word for me today. Yup..! I do feels a bit alone today because i'm not having a chance to go back to my hometown at Segamat this time. It's OK. Even though do feels some melancholic time over here, but there's some friends that didn't back to thier hometown on this Eid.

OK..let us forget the sorrow! Today, InshaAllah i'll be hanging out with some of my collegues yang sama-sama tak balik beraya di kampung. Our target was our music teacher's home at Cheras Selatan...hihihi!
Hmm...should we do come with baju Melayu?? Erm...may be i'm not wearing it because after that we're gonna go to some places in Putrajaya area to do some shoots! Hahahaha..kerja gila..orang pergi beraya kami semua bantai photoshoot plak.. Furthermore, my baju Melayu still at the laundry shop, i've just send it last Friday for the dry-cleaned job..forgot to pick it up last Monday! LOL!

So, just sharing for caring, those were fews of my photos of Baju Melayu...and i'm proud to wore it, coz it's RED..hahahaa..(i really do loves if you guys want to but me a gift, that is the colour...LOL!)

in front of the Auditorium
with one of the singer's collegues in our team

LOL! performing for the VIPs' Raya's Lunch Celebrations

With our artist's manager, Kak Syiha yg sangat COOL!
With Abg. Razali Bunga Tanjung, the famous Kelantanese artist in my dept. (don't ask me how did he gets that classical name...LOL!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Salam AidilAdha!

Salam AidilAdha kepada semua Muslimin dan Muslimat FBies sekalian!

Dikesempatan ini, marilah kita sama2 mendoakan agar sahabat2, saudara2, adik-beradik, atau pun parents2 yg pergi menunaikan ibadat Haji di Mekah, agar selamat pergi dan kembali, serta semoga mendapat Haji yang mabrur...InshaAllah.

Just sharing for caring;

"Daging dan darah binatang korban itu tidak sekali-kali sampai kepada Allah, tetapi yang sampai kepada-Nya ialah ketakwaan kamu. Demikianlah Ia memudahkan binatang itu bagi kamu, supaya kamu mengagungkan Allah atas apa yang Dia beri petunjuk kepada kamu. Dan sampaikanlah berita gembira kepada orang yang melakukan kebaikan.” (Surah Al-Haj, ayat 37) - credit to my x-schoolmate Syed Hanafie @ Pak Ustaz Syed yg post surah ni kat FB dia.

Sekadar blogwalking;

1. Mari kita lihat resepi terkini yg telah membuatkan saya merasa ketat akan kuih-muih yang dibikin oleh abg (lepas ni kena panggil ayah..opsss..) Mat Gebu >> di sini

2. Resepi Mee Sanggul yang tiba2 ter'craving plak oleh wife sifoo fotografi saya, En.Tolahah >> di sini

3. En.Shahhazrin yang telah meng'hapdet' blog (dengan domain baru katanya...) >> di sini

4. Kak Chik @ nama glamernya Ella dengan gambar rayanya yg vouge >> di sini

5. dan...haa..nasib baik saya x depressed sampai jadik camni semalam >> di sini.

Renungkan & Selamat Beramal....ewahh!

p/s : Abg.Mat..nnt wat resepi yg xde seafood allergic..LOL!

Sleep Well~

"hmm...." Short but simple action that showed my feelings right now. I feel better now, after the most hectic and depressed weeks/days i had faced today. Whole the day i was spending my time to blogwalked around various types, styles, and words of blogs. Some of them was cheering me up, and makes me laughed like hell. LOL. While updating my status on my FB accnt, i was also been cheered up by a bunch of my friends with all the jokes and tells. I'm just remembered one quotes that i read online (forgot the writer's name! Sorry!) says that;

" Todays electronics communications becomes more effective, modern and smart...but, the communications between two persons, personally, face to faced, was put more trust and honesty"

It's true, i agreed with that words, but; for me, after what i'm faced today...even though some of them was just met with me virtually, but...the point is, i can feels the sincerelitiy of thier words towards me. Some of the, even raise my minds up, and did gives me some motivational courages through thier comments/posts/entries.

Enough. I'm OK now, i feel good~! (sambil humming2 lagu tu dlm hati..LOL!)

So, tomorrow....i just thought to get some pampering day for myself...hehehe! Gives myself a rewards...! Yeay! On the list;

1. Baskin Robbins ~hmm yummy!
2. McFlurry Oreo / Cornetto
3. Secret Recipe Chocolatte Indulgence Cake - 2slices pls!
4. Arcade gamesss! yeaahhhhh!

So....sleeping time~~~lalalalalalala....

Monday, November 15, 2010


"Najeeb Abdullah Depressed. Need to be alone at this moment ; there too much things to be thinks of."

That's my FB status that i've just posted early in this morning.
It's nothing or nobody was wrong....just i don't know why i'm feel so depressed this lately.
Too many things that clouding up my mind recently...."sigh..!~~"

I'm not going to the office this morning. Just may be drop by there this afternoon to have the trainning session for some new songs for my choir's team....('s CHOIR).

So, usually,...these stuffs was what i'm always doing when i'm depressed; let's check it out!!!!

1. Listening to the music
- do makes me more relax. Any genres.

2. Chocolatte cake
- esp. with muddy choco topping....hmm..yummy...gonna get it by this noon.

3. Singing, jamming - with my lovely keyboard..yg dah agak uzur kondisinya.

4. PHOTOGRAPHY....of course. Have a date with my bubly baby cammy...hmm... <3

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wow! COOL~

Perghh! Memang style-lah cara otai blogger BEN ASHAARI  promote blog2 yang baru berbenih bertunas macam blog saya ni. (kat sini)
Even though i've never tought that there are somebody want to read all my entries, because, frankly spaeking, the 1st reason that i'm created this blog are just to expressing what i'm feel at that/this moments. Hihihi!

But it's really COOL..just satu entri yang berlink2, tiba2 je traffic yg malu2 nak timbul tu terus mencanak naik. hehehe!

The sources pun tiba2 datang dr blog2 yang agak otai.

Thanks ye. Walaupun saya ni langsung x tahu apa benda yang korang traffic2 and link2 tu.., but i will do to learn all that 'things'. Sama-sama membantu katanya.....

Kepada yang sudi singgah..ada yang guling2 lagi kat rumah bujang yang bersepah dengan kaler ni...hehe...!


Hehehe..sebagai menyahut cabaran otai Blogger ; BEN ASHAARI kat entri dia :

maka, terciptalah entri baru ni dalam masa 5 minit.

Hello All..!
I'm not so into bloggers, i'm just a typical writers yang saja2 nak menjengah dunia blog ni.
Nak letak iklan pun tak pandai blog ni just biasa2 je ok.

Hmm...cukup dah kot bang Ben? 

p/s:  Kak Chik Ella dengan Abg.Mat Gebu jgn ketawakan kita ye..haha~

Dalam 10 Cakap 1 Nombor...Najeeb LIKE THIS

LOL! Really funny! Seriosly! The Real Malaysian Indian, i likee! Live in peace, hate the racist! The music was so catchy, the actors n actress was so cute in thier characters. I'm going to humming this song all day long...LOL! 1Malaysia spirits!

i'm back...hahaha..(poyo!)

Yeay! Finally...after about 3-4 weeks i haven't post any en3, so today, i'll story-mory sikit what i've been doing along that period (yg sampai x sempat2 nak updated en3...hehehehe!)
Last 3-4 weeks there's so many events and programs that i need to handle and organize. Why me? Actually i was posted under the Quality and Inovasion Management Units in my deparment. So, to maintaining our department's quality policies, we need to do some survelliance and qualification audits; which was also including a few NGO's and GLCs board. So, between the timeline, we need to do saverals programs and events to fulfill that needs. And, me as the "multiporposed" ...(not multitask k..ia berbeza..k!), need to manage the technically parts, settled the presentation slides, managing the audio/video crews, collaborating with the PA systems guys..and so on. Aparts than that, i also need to care on the promotionals matters; designing the posters, montage clips for opening..etc..etc..etc..

So, yang arif kak chik ella, itu sahaja hujah saya bagi menjelaskan kehilangan en3 baru selama beberapa minggu ni..hahaha~!

Haa....plans & tasks for the next 3 weeks. (alasan lagi untuk culas menghapdet blog ni);
15-16 Nov : Documentations on audit reports (kemungkinan masih berada di depan PC/ boleh update sket2)
17 Nov : Raya mode...hahaha...makan2 kat umah org...X balik kampung :-(
18 - 22 Nov : Preparing for next internal audit workshop
23 - 16 Nov : Outstation-Pangkor (teambuilding courses and off to my bro's home at Lumut on that weekend)
29 Nov - 3 Dec : Planning, updating, n designing for the department's official web portal links.
6 - 10 Dec : Internal Audits of MS ISO (as a secretariat/auditors)
13 - 17 Dec : Outstations-Penang

Pack schedules kan? X apalah. nk buat mcmana , dah tugas n tanggungjawab kan...redha je.
Apahal cerita terkini boleh je check kat FB status saya, (search : Najeeb Abdullah ...kat fesbuk mat gebu ada friend list..hihihi~) no problem at all..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hapdet~~!'s been about 2-3 weeks i haven't posting any nu en3...
Past 2-3 weeks i was really bz with my tight schedule on end-year programs n events...outstation lagi.
So, masa utk online just untuk meng'hapdet accnt Facebook je..tu pun upload2 gmbr n update status.
Next 3 weeks...makin tambah bz..dgn audit, outstation, n kursus...hmmm...
Hari ni tpaksa amik MC...