Monday, November 15, 2010


"Najeeb Abdullah Depressed. Need to be alone at this moment ; there too much things to be thinks of."

That's my FB status that i've just posted early in this morning.
It's nothing or nobody was wrong....just i don't know why i'm feel so depressed this lately.
Too many things that clouding up my mind recently...."sigh..!~~"

I'm not going to the office this morning. Just may be drop by there this afternoon to have the trainning session for some new songs for my choir's team....('s CHOIR).

So, usually,...these stuffs was what i'm always doing when i'm depressed; let's check it out!!!!

1. Listening to the music
- do makes me more relax. Any genres.

2. Chocolatte cake
- esp. with muddy choco topping....hmm..yummy...gonna get it by this noon.

3. Singing, jamming - with my lovely keyboard..yg dah agak uzur kondisinya.

4. PHOTOGRAPHY....of course. Have a date with my bubly baby cammy...hmm... <3