Sunday, November 14, 2010

i'm back...hahaha..(poyo!)

Yeay! Finally...after about 3-4 weeks i haven't post any en3, so today, i'll story-mory sikit what i've been doing along that period (yg sampai x sempat2 nak updated en3...hehehehe!)
Last 3-4 weeks there's so many events and programs that i need to handle and organize. Why me? Actually i was posted under the Quality and Inovasion Management Units in my deparment. So, to maintaining our department's quality policies, we need to do some survelliance and qualification audits; which was also including a few NGO's and GLCs board. So, between the timeline, we need to do saverals programs and events to fulfill that needs. And, me as the "multiporposed" ...(not multitask k..ia berbeza..k!), need to manage the technically parts, settled the presentation slides, managing the audio/video crews, collaborating with the PA systems guys..and so on. Aparts than that, i also need to care on the promotionals matters; designing the posters, montage clips for opening..etc..etc..etc..

So, yang arif kak chik ella, itu sahaja hujah saya bagi menjelaskan kehilangan en3 baru selama beberapa minggu ni..hahaha~!

Haa....plans & tasks for the next 3 weeks. (alasan lagi untuk culas menghapdet blog ni);
15-16 Nov : Documentations on audit reports (kemungkinan masih berada di depan PC/ boleh update sket2)
17 Nov : Raya mode...hahaha...makan2 kat umah org...X balik kampung :-(
18 - 22 Nov : Preparing for next internal audit workshop
23 - 16 Nov : Outstation-Pangkor (teambuilding courses and off to my bro's home at Lumut on that weekend)
29 Nov - 3 Dec : Planning, updating, n designing for the department's official web portal links.
6 - 10 Dec : Internal Audits of MS ISO (as a secretariat/auditors)
13 - 17 Dec : Outstations-Penang

Pack schedules kan? X apalah. nk buat mcmana , dah tugas n tanggungjawab kan...redha je.
Apahal cerita terkini boleh je check kat FB status saya, (search : Najeeb Abdullah ...kat fesbuk mat gebu ada friend list..hihihi~) no problem at all..