Wednesday, November 17, 2010 worries!

Suddently my mood to celebrate this feast day was interrupted by a call from a so-called mis-understood person that claim his wife was already falls in love with me. LOL! I was really shocked to hear that and so, with no doubt I called him back to ask and explained the truth that i was never knew personally the women, and cleared all the matters with loudspeaker switch on to make sure that all his family and his wife listen to me.
Hmm...that's really funny moments when finally he did calm down and said that was not my mistakes at all. In the name of the almighty Allah SWT, i never falls, a bit of feelings towards that woman, she's just my past years friends whom I didn't knew personally or even met her since I was form 2! And funny things is, how did she dare to claims to his hubby that she was falls for me! Totally insane! What the funny!! Everythings was cleared now,and please don't disturb me again if u doesn't knew how to interpreted this relationship to your hubby, and dont drag me into the middle of your crisis. Learn the word empathy and sympathy.OK. To the cool hubby, thanks for understood my explainations.

Don't worry man, she's not the one for me!