Friday, November 26, 2010

Sakit Tungking! LOL!

"Muscle pain!! Woke up in the middle of the nite..tried to stretch back all the muscles yang sudah cramps due to the happening outdoor activities at Pangkor last three days!" stated on my FB wall today! hahahaha! last, all of us was arrived at the office (Putrajaya) from Pangkor Island by 2015 hours last nite. It's really the happening course ever...hahaha.. All of us includeds the secretariats was so sporting and friendly. The three days course, "Teambuilding Courses for BKP's Officers" was so awesome! All the activities was held outdoors, such as jungle trekking, water rafting, flying fox, repeillling, and another physical, managements & IQ games..and ended up with the fun & interesting visits around the island.
I'll posted all the story-mories about the course soon..and now..time to get back to sleep...coz i still to get to the office by this morning..(arrghhh....muscle pain!!)

Last moments captured before leaving the island... :-)