Wednesday, November 17, 2010

silent AidilAdha

"Qurban.." that was a word for me today. Yup..! I do feels a bit alone today because i'm not having a chance to go back to my hometown at Segamat this time. It's OK. Even though do feels some melancholic time over here, but there's some friends that didn't back to thier hometown on this Eid.

OK..let us forget the sorrow! Today, InshaAllah i'll be hanging out with some of my collegues yang sama-sama tak balik beraya di kampung. Our target was our music teacher's home at Cheras Selatan...hihihi!
Hmm...should we do come with baju Melayu?? Erm...may be i'm not wearing it because after that we're gonna go to some places in Putrajaya area to do some shoots! Hahahaha..kerja gila..orang pergi beraya kami semua bantai photoshoot plak.. Furthermore, my baju Melayu still at the laundry shop, i've just send it last Friday for the dry-cleaned job..forgot to pick it up last Monday! LOL!

So, just sharing for caring, those were fews of my photos of Baju Melayu...and i'm proud to wore it, coz it's RED..hahahaa..(i really do loves if you guys want to but me a gift, that is the colour...LOL!)

in front of the Auditorium
with one of the singer's collegues in our team

LOL! performing for the VIPs' Raya's Lunch Celebrations

With our artist's manager, Kak Syiha yg sangat COOL!
With Abg. Razali Bunga Tanjung, the famous Kelantanese artist in my dept. (don't ask me how did he gets that classical name...LOL!)