Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleep Well~

"hmm...." Short but simple action that showed my feelings right now. I feel better now, after the most hectic and depressed weeks/days i had faced today. Whole the day i was spending my time to blogwalked around various types, styles, and words of blogs. Some of them was cheering me up, and makes me laughed like hell. LOL. While updating my status on my FB accnt, i was also been cheered up by a bunch of my friends with all the jokes and tells. I'm just remembered one quotes that i read online (forgot the writer's name! Sorry!) says that;

" Todays electronics communications becomes more effective, modern and smart...but, the communications between two persons, personally, face to faced, was put more trust and honesty"

It's true, i agreed with that words, but; for me, after what i'm faced today...even though some of them was just met with me virtually, but...the point is, i can feels the sincerelitiy of thier words towards me. Some of the, even raise my minds up, and did gives me some motivational courages through thier comments/posts/entries.

Enough. I'm OK now, i feel good~! (sambil humming2 lagu tu dlm hati..LOL!)

So, tomorrow....i just thought to get some pampering day for myself...hehehe! Gives myself a rewards...! Yeay! On the list;

1. Baskin Robbins ~hmm yummy!
2. McFlurry Oreo / Cornetto
3. Secret Recipe Chocolatte Indulgence Cake - 2slices pls!
4. Arcade gamesss! yeaahhhhh!

So....sleeping time~~~lalalalalalala....