Thursday, December 16, 2010

Double 'Yeay!'

"Yeay!" suddenly i'm feel really happy in the middle of the nite. Hihihi!
I'm packing my suitcase to get ready to go to Cherating tomorrow, I suddenly found a khakis trousers that i'm bought during the preparation of Eid last year. Actually, the trousers were bought with the wrong size (smaller), but because I felt it was very stylish pants, i'm keep it until now. But, when i'm just found it, to assume that the trousers are still not can't fit my size, I tried it again....and *tadaaaaa~~~* it just fit me well!

Hahaha...i did realize that i'm just lose another 2kgs along this month, but i didn't assume that i'll able to fit that pants because it's 4inches smaller than my regular size.
Hmm..i'm wondering how did i get to lose another weight along this month, then i realize that i'm always skipping my dinner recently because of i'm too tired to drop by to anywhere on my way back from the office to buy some dinner. But...warning!! don't try this at home because this is not a diet program. hihi! This things really made me sleeps well tonite even though i did realize that my weight was always like a 'yo-yo'..easy to lose and much easier to gain another fatss! Hihihi!~