Friday, December 3, 2010

more and more responsibility...

It's been a few days since my last entry. Recently i don't have so many times to updated this wall, it's all about my hectic time at the office. But, frankly speaking, i'm not hesitate and feels bored with now i'm really posted to do something that i'm really loves to....designing...

From the past 2 month i'm just unofficially being the graphic designer to my unit, due to the load of designing tasks that really need to deal with the datelines. Of coz we got our own designers in my department, but as the task was so really a.s.a.p terms, so at the end my boss and me just discussed it the projects and the designs faced to faced.

And at this moment, we are planning for the end of year big events for our department (Innovations Day) and this was really a challenge, yet an opportunities for me to show my capability to conducts the task. This challanges quite tough for me coz i need to monitoring the graphic designs for the posters, prentations slides, montages, the auditorium's layout plans, the interior decorations and so on. It's all about the INNOVATION and TRANSFORMATION. Grrrr...ketar seh!

But, these things doesn't bothered me at all coz i really enjoyed to do this even though it's really tough to deal with so very much of people's personals. :-)

Plus, this month, i've got another outstation's job, (it's not really outstations, i always called it as the vacations! LOL!). After the fun Pangkor trip, this month i'm going to the;
Cherating : for the Innovation Plans and Strategies Course (Dec 16th - 18th)
Langkawi : for the Vocal Tranning and Skills Class (my Choir's crews activities) (Dec 28th-30th)

It's fun isn't it? hehehe...hence, not much stress day for me~!