Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rest In Peace

Hahaha! Statement berani mati kan tajuk entry tu.
It's nothing about the forever rest in peace meaning. I'm just feels a bit of rejuvanated after taking a long refreshing shower and rest this evening. Last day (Saturday) i'm going to the office to completed some more office task and preparation for the big event next Tuesday,'s really tiring and high tense task regarding to fulfills the top managements demands. But,'s 60% completed. Just for final touch-up and reheasal on next Monday.
Sometimes i did feels it's really a hard by doing multi-tasks in one shoot, but at the same time i did feels it was so challengging, yet fun, futhermore, i'm putting some benchmarking on my own resume.

And's time to relax and sit back, watching some DVDs. Hmm...which movie that i'm going to starts with? "Musics&Lyrics" again?? Hehehe... That movie still was my most favs since i'm watching it a few years ago. OK..that's all for now. Salam.