Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tears on New Year's Eve.

Peace Upon All of You...

Touched. Some of my tears just dropped along this evening. It's not about me.
It's all about the time. Times goes by, and now, we're moving forward to the new year, new phase of our lives.

My first tears dropped while i was rides back from my office to my home. Looking for the final sunsets of the year 1431 Hijr slowly faded to the new 1432 Hijr first night. It was the most beautiful and enchanted sunsets i've seen past days since there were rainy and cloudy eve everydays. It's really touched me so very much while think something; sometimes we did never realize that times flies on each seconds of our breaths. Some of us (including me) were so engrossed (similar to careless) with the worldly than the hereafter life.

The other tears just dropped while i was watched one of the Malay drama (yeah..so what? hehehe!) last night, if i'm not mistaken with the title "Dakwah Hijrah" on TV3. Hmm..at first i'm just assumed it as similar as typical Malay drama, but i dunno, the main line of this drama was about the dakwah via social medium, and it's focused on how to attract youngster via thier passion (music). Although this was not the best drama (with religious topic) i've ever seen, but it's really touched me, since music itself was also my passion.

Even though i'm not a truely musician, but sometimes music makes me feels more better than anything. Before this, i was so synical about the religious or spiritual music theme and all the things in my head just 'religious music equal to nasheed' and so on. But, year after years, i did realize that all mediums may also becomes the way to spread the dakwah. And now, after the 'Maher-Zain-tsunami', i did love all the spiritual and religious genres coz it's really makes me more 'alert' hence makes me feels better, in any situation of moods! :-)

I'm not so pious or devouted, but as a human, i'm taking it step by steps. InshaAllah.

And, as always, when i'm talking...i really mean it.

Have a good year ahead, may Allah always blessing us.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432Hijr.