Saturday, January 8, 2011

my Obsession!

AS SALAM...Happy New Year~
Hey ya! Hihihi! Dah bersawang dah blog ni..(as said by Kak Chik).
Always missing kan. Actually i've got some problem with this site, i dunno why, bcoz i couldn't sign in to view my dashboard. That's why i'm just leave it for a while and just updating my fB wall.

Ok, since past few weeks, i've been dedicating some of my free time to do some photoshooting - my obsession with photos and camera!!

1st : Photography Workshop with talented new model; Farah Zulaikha. This was my 1st moments working with professional model, brought by our consultant that day. Get useful tips & trick of potraits and commercial ads photoshoots. FUN!

2nd : Little Mikael Farish's 1st Birthday Party. This party was held on Disember 25th, at Critterland, Mines. The parents, Abg.Kerol and Kak Sa'dah was invite me to shoot thier 1st prince's birthday party. I used to shoot this cute boy each time i met him, but on that day it's a bit hard to get his cute smile, may be he's not comfortable with all the crowds. Next time give me more smile yea Mike!

3rd : LANGKAWI~~ hehehe! Even though this is not so photoshooting trip, but this time i'm going there with all my vocal's crew for the vocal course. Hihihi! Enjoying each moments, never thinked of any photo tips and tricks, just full of candid shoots! Yeay!