Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fashion Sense!

"When I'm talking about fashion, surely i did not have any guts to complaining about some people's fashion sense. Me, myself sometimes been the fashion victims criminal, but anyhow, for me, the brand or style is not my shoots, the most important things is anything that i would wore must be;
-comfortable & clean, not smell like a trash! hihi! I did admit that i also got my own favorite fashion line, but if we still keep stick ourselves (myself actually..) to the must-have brand, lama-lama pokai lah pakcik! hehe!

Hmm...but some sort of this interesting story of a man called China's sexiest tramp, just caught my eyes.
The extraordinary life story of a Chinese homeless man who shot to fame after his photo was posted on the internet is to be made into a movie.

Cheng Guorong became an unlikely sex symbol after he was forced on to the streets when he was fired from his job and robbed of his savings.
The 34-year-old was snapped by an amateur photographer as he wandered the streets, begging for food and rummaging in bins for cigarette butts last year. With his long unkempt hair, scraggly beard and prominent cheekbones, Mr Cheng was dubbed ‘China’s sexiest tramp’ and ‘Brother Sharp’ when the images of him were posted online in January 2010.
Since his virtual fame, Mr Cheng, who has been left shy and withdrawn after his experiences,  has received offers to appear in advertisements and he has also worked as a catwalk model. More stories here.

Looking sharp: Mr Cheng's bohemian style inspired fashion designers on the catwalk
Motive; I knew that what I'm wrote here was not an inspiring, motivating, or give any changes to the world, but for me, this issues makes me felt that, sometimes..people didn't look for who or what type of people are you, but the sense that makes you.. <--? haha..mereng sudah..! Whateva lah..as usual, when i'm talked, i hope that it spokes for itself.

Love. Najeeb.