Monday, March 21, 2011

Sharing for Caring...

"When I'm talking's reminds me what was happened on Dec'26th 2006 (or 24th..hilang ingatan jap!).."
On that date, i was at my college, northen part of Pen.Malaysia...Perlis. It's was a cloudy Sunday morning until suddenly something chaotic happens; all the ladies from the adjecent dormitory running down to the nearest tennis court. As usual, it's Sunday-lazy day.. all of us the gentlemens was getting annoyed with the 'high-pitched' voices form the ladies, and suddenly, without any alarm (rosak kot...asrama laki..biasa lah..LOL!)..our hostel was shaked like hell! Some of the lockers was fallen down and it's really scared us so very much. And then, all the things about 'earthquakes'..'tsunami'...'Acheh'..'mayat'..
...been the hot-topics of the period.

And this year, the 'things' did happened again; March 11th 2011. Japan.
Dont' want to talked so much about this 'things', coz, for sure all of us has read,browsed and talked much about this matter.

For me, as a human being, i'm just had an ability to express all the sympathy and condolence. Nothing much. And just for the moment, i read this post from Borak Kosong,... It's really touched me. Has lost thier parents, but they still put on HOPE, that they'll able to see and meet thier parents. motivated word, it still there for them?? Only Gods knew the better..wallahu'alam..
 mega whirlpool ...!

8.9 rich.scale - masha'Allah..
hoping that there was nobody in there..or else?

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