Friday, April 22, 2011

Manipulating and Manipulated

"When I'm talking about being manipulated and manipulating, ah-aha... please don't get it wrong, i'm just wanna talk about some activities that i'm involved this lately.

For the time being, i was a bit busy (as always...) with my extra co-curricular activities at my department. Macam budak sekolah kan? hihihi! NO-lah.. Actually I've got another invitation to performs a few songs at my department's Excellent Staff Award (APC) this May 4th at PICC. So do my choir team and we'll performing together with the strings team (viola,violin,cello..etc) from UiTM called "The Unknown" (what a unique name huh?) and also with the DBKL Orchestra combo.
Just to share, these are some tracks or line-up that me my team will performs at that night. But those list was not finalize yet. The fun fact is, this time, i learn something new when as told, i need to change my singing genre from pop to classical.. kelass gitu! ahahaha!
1. Edelweiss & Do-Re-Mi (from the Sound Of Music's OST)
2. Menawan Dunia (corporate song for Proton, with new arrangement)
3. Yang Tak Berbeza (Didi DJamil)
4. Heal The World (by the lagend MJ)
5. Ku Ada Kamu (Adira)
6. Malaysia Satu (Faizal Tahir aka Superman Wannabe!)
7. and a few more as an appetizer before the launch.

And for the solo part; i was given a few list before being finalize by my vocal & music trainer which were;
1. Mimpi (Daniel Malaysia Idol)
2. Betterman (Robbie William)
3. You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban)
4. Kasih (Hetty Koes Endang)
5. Fatwa Pujangga (Aishah)
6. One Thousand Million Smiles (Sudirman)
7. Tekad (Hazami)
8. and a new hits song, Sedetik Lebih (by Abg Nuar...!! hihihi!) gila x gila la. (Organizer main petik saja lagu ikut suka.)

SO at the moment while, all of us was too busy, plus with all my secretaryship things for some programs and events, it's really tense me up. But, it's OK.. at least I'm allowed to do what I'm happy for even though sometimes it's a lil'bit tired and don't have much time for my self. =( 
It's OK.. coz this time, as I'm talking singing, the pain of tired will slowly faded..coz i love musics so very much!! "