Monday, June 27, 2011


life is beautiful, the fact - reality is beast.
As a human, we're not perfect, we're not a 'maksum' prophet, and less of us was saint enough to be said.
But, makes your life as beautiful as much, so that you can 'chase' away the beast among it..

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pinky Triplets.

Hehehe! Gelak dulu. =))
Entri ini ditujukan khas buat abah AMRAFAHAN selepas konflik 'pinky-pinky' dekat blog beliau.
Sorry la bang, bukan aku nak memenang menyokong mama AMRAFAHAN, tapi tiba-tiba pulak merasa berasa terasa boleh jadi kacak kalau pakai baju Melayu pink, macam mereka ini;
our beloved PM : Dato' Seri Najib ..kacak macam Najeeb Abdullah, pemilik blog.
melambai..."hai~~hubby sy pakai baju pink, dan beliau amat kacak.."
runaway model pakai kurung pink~ model kata kau!
.."sepohon kayu~~~" sejuk mata memandang..
..begitu juga dengan abang Garnier - Fahrin Ahmad...kacak bukan?
dan, yang paling comel dan kacak sekali, apabila sekeluarga bapa dan anak2 bujang mereka memakai pakaian sedondon di hari yang mulia lagi bahagia. Seperti contoh ini;
comel bukan? siap buat pose ala-ala K-Pop gitu.. (^_^)

So, the conclusion is...hadoii bang!!! aku pun x sanggup sebenarnya nak pakai baju kaler pinky-pinky, melainkan itu adalah baju sponsor untuk Maulidur'Rasul atau show Hari Raya....ahahaha~

*pics courtesy of Google, sebarang kemuntahan tidak ditanggung!*

Tolerable Thursday

"I wish you a tolerable Thursday!"
 Put aside your egoism.
NEVERmind and IGNORE all the stupid temper.
That's all any of us can hope for better day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

What Is A Dad?

A dad is someone who
wants to catch you before you fall
but instead picks you up,
brushes you off,
and lets you try again.

A dad is someone who
wants to keep you from making mistakes
but instead lets you find your own way,
even though his heart breaks in silence
when you get hurt.

A dad is someone who
holds you when you cry,
scolds you when you break the rules,
shines with pride when you succeed,
and has faith in you even when you fail...

Happy Father's my dad, Abdullah Hassan ; and
all dads in the world.

Friday, June 17, 2011


" When I'm talking about myself, some of the people that i knew always said that I'm really 'obsessed' with myself..some kind like 'kontrol' habits each time I'm doing something. It's like being a narcissism. But for me, if we define narcissism itself, that word referred to the personality that always trait of egotism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness, and in social group, narcissistic always acting closed to elitism
*ouch!* That's too much if you people think that I'm one kind of that being narcissistic...

OK, let me explain briefly. As define on Wiki, narcissism is a personality that contains;

- egotism : i'm NOT a type of egotism person, for me 'give-and-take' are much more better than just think about our own 'egotism' feeling.

- vanity : being vanity was totally out of my league, i knew that pride is important, but being vanity may turns the pride to 'too proud'. Same with egotism, i'm not being too proud of myself coz i knew that i not always the best. But i'm proud if i'm doing my best in everything.

- conceit : conceit is more like an 'over-confident' term. Yup!..i'm a confident person, i always make sure that i'm well-prepared if i'm doing something, talking, presenting or else. But i'm NOT being a conceit person coz my ingenuity was NOT more striking than its justness.

- selfish : i'm not 'tauke ikan' (and of coz lah bukan anak ikan u'ols! ahahaha!). Ok,serious. Sometimes people didn't get, why we must being selfish. For me, being selfish was not a big ego, but sometimes (i repeat..sometimes) we may need to being a selfish just because we need to stand for our own right. But it must be get along fairly because all the matter was not just about us. Think about somebody else.

and last but not least;

- elitism : this kind of habits was also totally out of me personally. Because i'm not kind a select group of people with intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes; that's made me more special that other people, royal blood jauh sekali.. i'm just and ordinary daily people that ready to getting mingle (single-and-ready-to-get-mingle....*sigh!* ) with all types of person, coz i'd love to makes a new friends each moments i meet/know somebody.

So, the conclusion ; (waahh....macam menulis tesis pula~~LOL!) I'm just an ordinary guy that work 8-6, talkative, easily to mingle with, love to hang-out and talk almost about anything, a bit sarcasm but i'm not really mean it. 

OK, i did admitted that i always been fussy about;
- what i'm wearing and how do i look ; because....hello~~ i'm not as charming as Seth-Tan! But at least i always make sure to look presentable, neat and clean. (sometimes we also met our selekeh-day..right??! hahaha!) And since i was a small boy, all of us (me,my brothers and my sis) has been taught to be presentable and neat and clean as much as we can. I think most of the people should be like that, right?? it's normal what??!! haha!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hackers Disrupt 41 Malaysian Government Websites.

Early on this morning really put some pressure on me. This was due to some server and internet services in my workplace was having some trouble to accessing some web sites and portals. This is quite a significant impact on my daily tasks due because 70% of my daily tasks was depended on Internet access.
My assignments related to spreading department's information and internal activities, including posters and so on. So it is very difficult for my work, especially for searching and reference materials for the work of graphic design.

When I was looking for a solution with the help of some friends from the technical and multimedia management units, then everyone started talking about hacker attacks on a Malaysian government websites and portals.

And when the situation just under control and all systems and access that related to internet and server links began to improve, I began to access the latest information related to the problem, and I've found this :

pic by Google

"KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – At least 41 Malaysian government websites were hacked into overnight but no personal or financial data were compromised, government officials said on Thursday, as the Southeast Asian nation becomes the latest target of a cyber-war waged by the activists.
In the attacks, 51 websites were hit and at least 41 of these sites were disrupted, industry regulator Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission said.

and this;

"Hacker group says attack on Malaysia to ‘wash corruption away’". READ HERE

and here;

"Hackers wreak havoc on Malaysian government websites". READ HERE

Nothing much to talk about this matter since i was not an expert person on this stuff, and i had too much 'free time' but in my own opinion, this matter just an alert to everybody, no matter if you are individual, as a party, organization and so on, we must storing our personal and private information with the best and secure much as we can.

pic by Google
And for certain reason; i felt that all those things was really annoying and wasting much of our time. *sigh!*
watch out!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

EARTHQUAKE Alarm 14 June 2011

A moderate earthquake has occurred with magnitude 5.5 Richter scale in Northern Sumatera at 8.08am on 14 June 2011. The earthquake epicenter is located at 1.8 North latitude and 98.8 East longitude. 330 km Southwest of Klang, Malaysia.

Below are the latest earthquakes and earthquake news from around the world updated in real-time by RSS feeds ;
pic by Google

- M 5.3, northern Sumatra, Indonesia (June 14th 2011)
- M 3.2, Southern Alaska (June 14th 2011)
- M 4.9, near the east coast of Honshu, Japan (June 13th 2011)
- M 4.7, Java, Indonesia (June 12th 2011)
- M 6.4, Molucca Sea (Kepulauan Maluku) (June 12th 2011)
- M 4.7, Minahasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia (June 11th 2011)

Tremors felt over west coast of Peninsular Malaysia mainly over Selangor, Putrajaya, Southern Perak and Malacca.

NO tsunami threat to Malaysia. 
Luckily, the earthquake did not pose any tsunami threat (at this moment...)

Source :


Here, in Putrajaya area, most of the staff in Parcel A,B,C,D and E rushed out of the building and assemble in an emergency assembly area. 
This incident happens twice due to the two aftershocks.
Parcel C, Presint 1, Putrajaya
Parcel C, Presint 1, Putrajaya

Update : 2nd tremors felt about 5-10 minutes around 11.25 am and this time was more and more aftershock tremors felt by most of the staff.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello Kiddies!

"When I'm talking about's always make me smile. Yup... I loved kids so very much.. (and i think everybody should do the same...right?) For me, i think that they are all special, they always being honest, don't know how to commit lies..(if they did, they didn't know what did the lied about..except for the spoil kids!). They are innocent, and their hearts has a large of empty space to fill into,'s a responsibility to us as an adult to fill all those empty spaces with all the goodness, to create them as a HUMAN BEING.
Okeh, kita usai dulu semua kata-kata picisan itu, and now i want to share something that makes me smile last Friday (June 3rd, 2011).

Last Friday, my colleagues and i was held some "Reading Campaign For Kids" for parties of my department. This campaign was specifically for all the kids, whom their parents are JPA's staffs, and also dedicated to all children from the selected the kindergarten and primary school around Putrajaya. This events was held at our main auditorium, and the exciting events held are such as;
- Sing-A-Long session with our resident's artist
- Storytelling session (by an officer from National Library)
- Craft workshop (also by an officer from National Library)
- and Magic Show (by local street Magician - for kids!)
Storytelling by Uncle Zack from National Library
Craft session for primary school kids (age 8-13 y.o)
All the kids were so creative..OK! They just given about 20mnts to work up all those things!
"Peace!" kindergarten kids with their simple origami's hat (actually it's a paper-box! haha!)

Magic show by Cikgu Hakim & the Gang
Cheer them up!
Funny moments (and a bit chaotic!) when all those kids volunteering themselves for the Magic show...!

It's a makan-time! Waiting patiently (and well-disciplined) for the foods, served by their cute teacher. =)
Thumbs-up for the well-behave! (pening juga kepala 'angkel' Najeeb nk mengcontrol!! haha!)
It's time to say "Good Bye!"..(terima kasih cikgu...err..nmbr hp saya dah salin..kan?? nanti roger2 eks! haha!)

And as usual, when i'm talking; all those kids nowadays  need more attention from us as an adult, so that they'd become a great 'khalifah' for our next day. =)

"Jangan Lupa Selalu Baca Buku yea!!!?"
-pesan 'angkel' Najeeb. *sigh!*

p/s : once upon a time I aspired to become a teacher, kindergarten teacher actually, but confirm akan di'reject memandangkan muka seperti seorang bandit.. haha! LOL!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Environment, New Dream

"Finally...*phew!* i managed to get my own quarters after almost a year queued for.
Why quarters? There's a lot of houses/apartments/ or even a rooms ready to be rent out there...right?
It's simple - easier and much more comfortable for me. I don't need to withdraw/bank-in for the rental payment. I don't have to felt pressured by any of housemates attitudes...and so on. Period.

OK, and now I'm ready to officially being a citizen of Putrajaya!! hehe! The place was not far away from my office, i guess it's just about 10 minutes. 

the new 'nest'

And as said by my dearest mr.Boss..(dearest??..rolling eyes..)
"No more RED on your punch card, huh??" ahaha! Saya coba..saya coba...!!
So, along these  few weeks, i'm a bit rushing here and there to settle-up all those residency matters.

Talking about moving out, or new life at new home, it's always related to our own 'dream house'..isn't it? So do i.
Since the IKEA's catalogs always sent to my home each seasons (for gratis!), I'm always dreaming of my own dream house, with minimalism and simple design...hmm... (^_^)~*

i wish for the simplest-ever living room like this

I wish i could fit all my wears as organized as this wardrobe. =)
or this...
and this awesome 'blackie' set of bedroom
or some 'chic' pastel shade of bedroom like this..?
..but for sure, not as 'riang-ria' as this... LOL!

Hehe! Hopefully i may try to 'apply' all those ideas for my new 'nest'. And as i'm talk...when once we got a new environment, we also need a new dream." =)

*photo, as usual, courtesy of Mr.Google