Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello Kiddies!

"When I'm talking about's always make me smile. Yup... I loved kids so very much.. (and i think everybody should do the same...right?) For me, i think that they are all special, they always being honest, don't know how to commit lies..(if they did, they didn't know what did the lied about..except for the spoil kids!). They are innocent, and their hearts has a large of empty space to fill into,'s a responsibility to us as an adult to fill all those empty spaces with all the goodness, to create them as a HUMAN BEING.
Okeh, kita usai dulu semua kata-kata picisan itu, and now i want to share something that makes me smile last Friday (June 3rd, 2011).

Last Friday, my colleagues and i was held some "Reading Campaign For Kids" for parties of my department. This campaign was specifically for all the kids, whom their parents are JPA's staffs, and also dedicated to all children from the selected the kindergarten and primary school around Putrajaya. This events was held at our main auditorium, and the exciting events held are such as;
- Sing-A-Long session with our resident's artist
- Storytelling session (by an officer from National Library)
- Craft workshop (also by an officer from National Library)
- and Magic Show (by local street Magician - for kids!)
Storytelling by Uncle Zack from National Library
Craft session for primary school kids (age 8-13 y.o)
All the kids were so creative..OK! They just given about 20mnts to work up all those things!
"Peace!" kindergarten kids with their simple origami's hat (actually it's a paper-box! haha!)

Magic show by Cikgu Hakim & the Gang
Cheer them up!
Funny moments (and a bit chaotic!) when all those kids volunteering themselves for the Magic show...!

It's a makan-time! Waiting patiently (and well-disciplined) for the foods, served by their cute teacher. =)
Thumbs-up for the well-behave! (pening juga kepala 'angkel' Najeeb nk mengcontrol!! haha!)
It's time to say "Good Bye!"..(terima kasih cikgu...err..nmbr hp saya dah salin..kan?? nanti roger2 eks! haha!)

And as usual, when i'm talking; all those kids nowadays  need more attention from us as an adult, so that they'd become a great 'khalifah' for our next day. =)

"Jangan Lupa Selalu Baca Buku yea!!!?"
-pesan 'angkel' Najeeb. *sigh!*

p/s : once upon a time I aspired to become a teacher, kindergarten teacher actually, but confirm akan di'reject memandangkan muka seperti seorang bandit.. haha! LOL!