Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Environment, New Dream

"Finally...*phew!* i managed to get my own quarters after almost a year queued for.
Why quarters? There's a lot of houses/apartments/ or even a rooms ready to be rent out there...right?
It's simple - easier and much more comfortable for me. I don't need to withdraw/bank-in for the rental payment. I don't have to felt pressured by any of housemates attitudes...and so on. Period.

OK, and now I'm ready to officially being a citizen of Putrajaya!! hehe! The place was not far away from my office, i guess it's just about 10 minutes. 

the new 'nest'

And as said by my dearest mr.Boss..(dearest??..rolling eyes..)
"No more RED on your punch card, huh??" ahaha! Saya coba..saya coba...!!
So, along these  few weeks, i'm a bit rushing here and there to settle-up all those residency matters.

Talking about moving out, or new life at new home, it's always related to our own 'dream house'..isn't it? So do i.
Since the IKEA's catalogs always sent to my home each seasons (for gratis!), I'm always dreaming of my own dream house, with minimalism and simple design...hmm... (^_^)~*

i wish for the simplest-ever living room like this

I wish i could fit all my wears as organized as this wardrobe. =)
or this...
and this awesome 'blackie' set of bedroom
or some 'chic' pastel shade of bedroom like this..?
..but for sure, not as 'riang-ria' as this... LOL!

Hehe! Hopefully i may try to 'apply' all those ideas for my new 'nest'. And as i'm talk...when once we got a new environment, we also need a new dream." =)

*photo, as usual, courtesy of Mr.Google