Friday, June 17, 2011


" When I'm talking about myself, some of the people that i knew always said that I'm really 'obsessed' with myself..some kind like 'kontrol' habits each time I'm doing something. It's like being a narcissism. But for me, if we define narcissism itself, that word referred to the personality that always trait of egotism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness, and in social group, narcissistic always acting closed to elitism
*ouch!* That's too much if you people think that I'm one kind of that being narcissistic...

OK, let me explain briefly. As define on Wiki, narcissism is a personality that contains;

- egotism : i'm NOT a type of egotism person, for me 'give-and-take' are much more better than just think about our own 'egotism' feeling.

- vanity : being vanity was totally out of my league, i knew that pride is important, but being vanity may turns the pride to 'too proud'. Same with egotism, i'm not being too proud of myself coz i knew that i not always the best. But i'm proud if i'm doing my best in everything.

- conceit : conceit is more like an 'over-confident' term. Yup!..i'm a confident person, i always make sure that i'm well-prepared if i'm doing something, talking, presenting or else. But i'm NOT being a conceit person coz my ingenuity was NOT more striking than its justness.

- selfish : i'm not 'tauke ikan' (and of coz lah bukan anak ikan u'ols! ahahaha!). Ok,serious. Sometimes people didn't get, why we must being selfish. For me, being selfish was not a big ego, but sometimes (i repeat..sometimes) we may need to being a selfish just because we need to stand for our own right. But it must be get along fairly because all the matter was not just about us. Think about somebody else.

and last but not least;

- elitism : this kind of habits was also totally out of me personally. Because i'm not kind a select group of people with intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes; that's made me more special that other people, royal blood jauh sekali.. i'm just and ordinary daily people that ready to getting mingle (single-and-ready-to-get-mingle....*sigh!* ) with all types of person, coz i'd love to makes a new friends each moments i meet/know somebody.

So, the conclusion ; (waahh....macam menulis tesis pula~~LOL!) I'm just an ordinary guy that work 8-6, talkative, easily to mingle with, love to hang-out and talk almost about anything, a bit sarcasm but i'm not really mean it. 

OK, i did admitted that i always been fussy about;
- what i'm wearing and how do i look ; because....hello~~ i'm not as charming as Seth-Tan! But at least i always make sure to look presentable, neat and clean. (sometimes we also met our selekeh-day..right??! hahaha!) And since i was a small boy, all of us (me,my brothers and my sis) has been taught to be presentable and neat and clean as much as we can. I think most of the people should be like that, right?? it's normal what??!! haha!