Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good To Be Back

Hey ya'lls!

It's about a few weeks i didn't updating any post/entries. Just keep it short this time.
Along this 2 months and 3 months ahead, i'm surely will getting more busy, busier, and busiest! haha!
Last few weeks i've been stuck will all the certifications' thingy for my department..and also some of the innovation programs held by my unit. Plus with the 'extra-co-curricular' commitment towards all the clubs and society's activities. So, along that period... i didn't have much time to myself (just had a simple movie marathon - Harry Potter 1-7 with my BFFs) *sigh!*
Ok, just for today...as i'm busy (busy~lah sangat kan..) updating and looked for some stuffs for my graphical editing task... i've found some cool yet creative production from Vimeo. Some of this cool montages/videos/short films was really drop-jaw and makes my mind blowing out with their creativeness!

Just for sharing one of my favourite...(and this vids was made in France!..my dream city..)

and this clips come from the production named as tom haugomat & bruno mangyoku and i've found thier blog > http://brunoettom.blogspot.com/

This is my most fav for today...coz it's cute, sweet and simple. =)