Friday, August 26, 2011

Drive Safely ya'll

Dah takde mood nak menjiwai watak rajin dalam office hari ni... Hehehe... 
mana2 officer yg bestfriend dgn boss hensem ngan boss kacak saya tu harap tidak memanjangkan perkara ini kepada pihak berkenaan ye. 
Ini hanya makluman 'kita-kita' saja. Mudah bukan? hahaha!
Last but not least; to all friends;

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Promotion : Brand New Apple For Sale

Hi there! My friend just made some interesting offer for all the Apple lovers.
The price is the most 'insane' promotion for the year. Also may still negotiate with the price till both of us get the win-win situation. =)
And of course it's an original version of Apple and it never been used once!
Unfortunately we've only got 2 units of this item, but it came plus with some freebies.

So, if you did interested with this offer, just drop me your details in the comments space below.

 .LOL! sorry!

Merdeka - Raya! Double Celebration

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy, selamat, prosperus, great meaningful Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Muslim friends...Maaf Zahir Batin...

To all who's driving back to hometown...please drive carefully...think of the love one...have a safe journey...

To non-muslim...feel free to come and visit us...get the feeling of home made Rendang and Ketupat... =)

And also don't forget our 54th National Day anniversaries.... be patriotically at once a year!

wei no one got open house aaaa this year ?? hehehe! Cheerios!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Iftar Invitation

"When I'm talking about sharing, last Saturday was giving me a cool happiness and sharing moments. Hahaha..

Last day i was invited to 'berbuka puasa' treat by one of my colleague at Graphic & Documentation Unit in my department. It's just a simple treat, but it just nice with all the course and desserts...(even though most of them were 'seafood-based' foods, but as a respects shown to the 'tuan rumah' i'm just ate it...and get my antidote a.s.a.p... haha!)
Before arrived at the place, i did manage to buy something to share at Ramadhan's Bazaar ; the Singapore's Murtabak! My fav ever murtabak style... 

And when it was the time to break our fasting, it's time to MAKAN!! Starts with the kurma as the sunnah, other fruits like sunkist orange, slices of pear, apple.. and then the murtabaks.. hold a few moments for the 'killing-smoke'.. continue back with the main dishes; which was seafood tom yum, sweet sour barramundi (siakap), kailan with salted fish, and also the kordial drinks. Hehehe..

And last suppeda' with cool dessert; peach trifle!! OMG! 4 sets just for me! 

It was so sweet and harmoniously moments when some of us (the guests) getting along together like we've known each other by the same hobby and interest; photography.
And that was the great of FOOD brought us...happiness.

Before we ended up the nite, as usual...POSE!

the chronology... hahahaha!
Yummy! Peach trifle.


...glow-glow.. haha!

Raya? Nope...Iftar!'s firework... luckily not the mercun.. riang2!

gang bang! haha!

seafood tom yummy....hanya mampu melihat~

quarter of the foods is done for the 1st round.. hehe!


my fav s'pore murtabak!

kacak kah kamek org? haha!


kanak2 purba!