Sunday, September 11, 2011

France, attendez-moi!

Why France? Hehehe.. This city has been a center of cultural creation for centuries. Many French artists have been among the most renowned of their time, and France is still recognized in the world for its rich cultural tradition. And as one of the zillions arts lover in the world, France always fascinated me with all of its paintings, architecture, literature, musics, fashions and much more.

But, i dunno why, since i was a kid, i'm started to been excited to put on my first step on this country when of of my elder sister's friend ; Kak Dina has furthered her study there. Since then, she's always send some news about her life and sometimes send us a postcards.

I love the way of 'cool' France language and the unique way to express and pronounce it. Since i was met a few friends from there. i'd manage to learn some new words, day by day.. and i'd love to learn it more.

Therefore, i think, France will be my most dreamed country to visit, and i'm planned for it for the next few years.

France, attendez-moi, j'ai été tomber en amour avec vous!

 And, as usual.. when i'm talked; i mean it. France will always been my must-visits places. =)