Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Simple Green Home - Replanting

I love greenish view. Last Sunday, while i'm on my way to visits abang rempit a.k.a abah to AMRAFAHAN, me and my housemate stopped by to Tesco Semenyih to buy some households.

As some of my cactus and mini yams' leaf plants was growing bigger and much more greenish, so i've decided to replanting it and removing some of dead plants (that due to the incompatible weather and and environmental conditions).

Then, i'm replanted the cactus in this cute greenish pot and also get some black soil for the plants.
Some of the cactuses was dried dead, so i'm replacing the old small red pots with another new plants sprout from the other cactus. 

And for the 'mini yams' leaf' (i really didn't knew the real name of this easy-care plant!!!), as usual, i'm just replacing the hydro-gel and cut off some newly sprouts into new pot (that actually a cup from an instant noodles! hehe!).

All these things always keep me calm and cool and gives me some comfort moments for myself after all the hectic hours at the office. Cheerios!