Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hi..! Hello there... Just to share this interesting tips..on how to easily spot a liar.

Talking about lies; we all do this on occasion, but some lies are worse than others.

Fortunately, science points to plenty of indicators to help us detect when we're being told a lie, many of which are contrary to what most people believe:
  • Liars like to distance themselves from the subject. Taking Bill Clinton as an example, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," has the two giveaways of "did not" and "that woman" help point out that it's a lie.
  • Liars use qualifying language, like "to tell you the truth."
  • Repeating the question before answering it dishonestly is a common indicator of a lie.
  • Liars look you in the eyes too much. They don't fidget, but rather freeze their upper body.
  • Liars will fake smiles. Here's how to tell the difference.
  • Liars like to offer details.
  • When liars are the culprits and trying to avoid punishment for what they did, they're more likely to suggest strict punishments for the "real culprit."
  • Liars are terrible at telling their stories backwards.
  • Liars will often point their feet towards an exit.
  • Liars will often put barrier objects between themselves and the person asking them about their lie.

So.. if you're not smart enough to avoid this characters, don't ever tell a lies. =)