Saturday, October 22, 2011


Pass 3 days i've suffered from my toothache and last Friday i've decided to take a medical leave and go to the nearest dental clinic. Luckily, not far from my home, there's one of the govt. health clinic that also provided the dental check-up and operation - Klinik Kesihatan Precint 9.

So, after nearly being and 'angry-bird' (because i'm almost one of the early-bird to arrived there! hehehe).. that's my turn to do the check-up.
And the consultation session going like this:

me : Salam, morning doc.
dentist : morning, W'salam. Yup.. What's the matter?
me : ?? to check-up? my tooth and my gums were too sore for past 3 days.
dentist : Ok..lean down and open up ur mouth.
me : aaaaa <-- nganga besaq dah
dentist : oowh.. your gum was seriously swelled, and there's new growth of molar tooths (geraham) , 2 bars.
me : seriously?
dentist : have you ever pull or once broken your tooth?
me : nope, never, since i was a kid, i just met the dentist a few times, to whitens and to patch for some spoiled tooth.
dentist : now i've seen your problems.
- your teeth was TOO TAKEN CARE, so no any teeth that will to drop,
- in that case, your teeth become more crowded; we called it 'crowding-teeth';
- so, that all your new tooth can't grow up well, and at the same time it'll hurts your gums and your existed tooth.

me: so, the solution??
dentist : for this time being, i'll just give you some pain-killers and antibiotics, but if this getting worse by a week, please come here again, and i'll assign for some gum sugery, so that your newly molar teeth will grow-up easily.
me : WHAT?? SURGERY???
dentist : yup, and one more thing, for the long term effort, i'd suggested you to get some orthodontic-plan, wear the braces to re-built your crowding teeth. That's the better for you right now.
me : gulp!! seriously??
dentist : SERIOUSLY! It's about 1-2 years depends on your teeth conditions right now.
me : i'm dead! hahaha! thanks.

That serious! That's why i didn't like dentist so much... hahaha! They always make me shock.

Surgery is OK (OK~lah~~)

But, BRACES? OMG! I can't imagine how i'd might look like with the 'gigi besi' on my face.
hahaha.. seriously.. Even the braces now becoming 'in' and trendy, but for me, NO..NO..NO..
That's too much dicipline to commit with that 'thing'..

scary...isn't it? hahahah!

or i'll just need to hide it, under this Ronald McD's smile??? haha!

Any suggestion(s)?
- i need to know; the cheapest orthodontic plan around Putrajaya/Bangi/Kajang area.
- is there any govt plan for this treatment?