Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Budu - An International Cuisine

Budu - is a fish sauce (anchovy fish usually) - sos bilis : and one of the best known fermented seafood products in Kelantan, Malaysia and others east cost of Pen.Malaysia, and also some of Southern Thailand.

Hehehehe... Introduction ala2 wikipedia hokeyy!!

While i was browsing for some classic advertisement, i was attracted to one of the bottle packaging from some 70's overseas product; Geo-Watkins Anchovy Sauce;
Geo Watkins's 70's anchovy sauce packaging
Yeah~ it's budu... hehehe!! Budu is actually an international food product, as state on one of the old packaging, this product has been established in the market since 1830s.. cool!

Browsing more, i had found that this salty yet fishy sauce also been produced in Philippines, and some tropical country like Brazil & Portugal as a side/dipping sauce in their daily meal, and also brought somewhat attention to the nutrition experts of Japan, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

In Phillipines; they did called 'budu' as - Bagoong Balayan

"budu omputih"
Malaysian 'Kelantanese' Budu

The recent discovery proves that 'budu' also contains gluthaione as antioxidant, remove toxic waste and increase the resilience of the body (immune) that can protect us form the various fatal diseases and prevent cancer. Hmm...interesting~ | more about 'budu's nutrient here |

Hmm.... no wonder~lah Pakcik Mat always maintain 'gebu'... hehehe!

"~kellahh demo sek2 klate~"

This one is 'voodoo' , not budu... hehehe!