Thursday, November 3, 2011


...What's the need for all these really? Homophobes are not homophobes, they are believers of their religion. It's their religion that makes them think and behave rationally.

We plead you to stop these campaigns, if some are gays/lesbians/trans etc, then live your own life. Why do you need other people to be the same? and understand you? and make yourself fame? Just kept it for yourself if you choose to take that way of life. Don't drag others as you drag yourself to queen.

Based on the freedom of speech, I'm just voicing out my opinion regarding this matter openly here.
Sorry-lah... i'm not against anybody who felt they 'had' to choose that way, but c'mon~lah, Malaysia is peaceful enough to you to live it with your own life. Merdeka!!!