Friday, December 16, 2011

Bless This Angels - Hope2Walk Campaign

Just wanted to share this campaign for one of my friend - RonasinaKartunis a.k.a Mr.Mohd Affandi Bin Ramli.
It's true that i'm didn't knew his personally, but i do care about his 2 little angels, An-Nur & Annisa.

Don't want to talk much, the campaign details are as below;

" Hope 2 Walk was launched to raise funds to cover the medical expenses of two sisters, An-Nur and Annisa, who suffer from Cerebral Palsy and Mitochondrial Disease."

"This fund is meant to bring Annisa and An-Nu to Erkang Hospital in Beijing, China where they will be able to receive treatment, physiotherapy and intense rehabilitation." 
For further information please visit

"Afterwards, Annisa and An-Nur will go to a school for children with Cerebral Palsy in the United Kingdom where they will receive special education."
Targeted sum : RM 500,000
Targeted date : February 2012

This FB Page and blog are run by volunteers and all contributions can be made directly to An-Nur & Annisa’s parents.

If you wish to contribute to Annisa and An-Nur’s medical and educational expenses, your contributions can be made to the following account:

MohdAffandi bin Ramli (father)
Account number : 1561 1400 1424

Bank Islam
Cik Annisa binti Mohd Affandi
account number : 14 229 02 001975 2

Standard Chartered (mother)
Raja Rohaisham binti Raja Muhaiddin
Account number : 39 919 49 92754

For any further information, please contact:

FAIZAL RIDUAN - 012 212 4414
NASHITA MD NOOR - 013 209 6373
ZUMRAH HUSNI -013-2031355

email :