Friday, January 13, 2012

Exam Oh Exam!

Kids! Please Don't Try This at your SCHOOL!

used to get 'pacman' fever...hehehe!

hmm...wonder where did the kid learn that word....or heard from?


this student seriously should take an Art Class.....LOL!

..of course...she's a woman....hehehe! last, the mother need to give an explanation letter to the teacher.. hehe!

..was it Jumbo? hehehe!

etc..etc...etc.. hahaha!

creative, but not on this paper... hehehe!

another creative mind...but cikgu mesti sakit hati...kan??

ahahaha!!! perhaps..perhaps...perhaps!!
By honest, I also has did the same thing, DRAWING SOMETHING! hihihi!
Especially when
answering examination questions of maths and physics, while in secondary school, as well as some mathematical engineering questions in my yesteryear's.

At that time I felt that I was unable to express my own skills and knowledge, what I've learn and been lectured about along the semester through writing and numbers, furthermore,  I was weak in numbers.
I hate maths! Opsss!

And that's why, now I chose to working in the fields that's not specific to the use of writing and number skills...

To the teachers....thanks for being so patient....kudos!