Monday, January 9, 2012

metro enuff?

Am i metrosexual enough?

Haha...just for sharing, I've been questioned about this matter so many times.

I not that too cerewet, spoiled or else, just I'd think that I'm spending my income in my affordable way.

I'm not a super hygienic person, but at least i don't want me to smell and look like a rubbish...erkk! hahaha~

OK, seriously.. these are a 'few' of my daily/weekly/monthly routine and the products that's must have in my toiletries list...just a few...

antabax Shower Cream.
Normally i'll stick to the green one, Nature.
This shower cream was really gentle yet easily cleaned-off all the daki2 degil sepanjang hari... hehe!
And it smells great too even after a few hours.

Oral-B Cross Action Massager toothbrush. Suit for my crowding teeth. Used to use Colgate 360 before, but i'm not comfortable with 'too much' rubber stick to it..

Darlie All Shiny White w/mineral salt. It's really works!
Hahaha.. especially after i did my teeth scaling treatment.

Just sometimes, but always in my bag-pack.. I didn't like toothpick so very much.
Nivea For Men - Whitening Cleanser & Scrub w/moisturizer.
2 in 1, simple. Cleaning and scrubbing..and not soapy.
I'm using this product since i was in school, about 10 years ago.

After my previous accident past few years ago, I'd found that this Bio-Oil essence did heal my scars, in a quick time. Seriously! And my acne-scar too! Seriously.
head&shoulders - clean&balance shampoo.
i'm comfortable with this shampoo because my hair was kind of thick and volumes.
This shampoo didn't make my hair look flat and dull.

Having some thick and volumes up hair made my hair was easily damaged and branched.
So, this Sunsilk Hair Damaged Serum was really made my 'bad-hair-day' turns vice versa... hehehe!

AMBY London HEX Professional Styling.
I did fall in love with this hybrid (wax/cream) hair products last 2 years ago.
Easily wash-off and re-style.

Denman Hyflex Vent Brush - comb.
The Unique Chevron vents allow warm air to circulate directly to the root level to decrease my drying time. It widely spaced, free flow pin formation allows me to safely detangle wet or difficult hair. Suit my bad hair. hehe!

yeah! i did trimmed my hair by myself. (just trimmed, not styling!)


Axe body deodorant, D&G (The One), White Musk For Men by Body Shop, XY Hugo by Boss, and my all time favorite, 212 Carolina Herrera for men.

Eye Care.

Sometimes i need to wear a contact lenses, especially for outdoors activities (..and all activities with all my nephews! hehehe!) so, this is one of my choices. I've tried J&J ACUVUE c/l, but that brands was too soft for me, hehehe.. I just nearly forgot to take off those lens.
And for the solution, ReNu Multipurpose solution - sensitive.
Freshlook Colourblends (Pure Hazel) - for special occasions.. ahahahaha!

And this cute c/l case - one of my friends buy it for me; direct from Korea! hehehe!
....and last but not least; the very first impression - mani&pedi care.

So, the conclusion...metrosexual enufff??? Hahaha!
For me it just an urban and basic way of daily self-care product.
May be some of them was too much for me as a man, but for me, i'll be more comfortable and confident because my job needs me to meet and deal with many people in a day...
It's just a basic mehh! 

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