Monday, March 12, 2012


Life is just self-potrait.
If you know your right angle,
your own direction, where should you look,
and your best features,
then... you never failed on your own.

No matter how much did you tried,
at the end, you sure get what you want.

Be confident.

p/s : Uncle Gedek lain ye...tak dikira kat sini, tu dah tahap pro~ hehehe!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hated Thursday

It's a 3rd week now, and i hate Thursday!!
Arwah abah passed away on Thursday, 
the same day of his birthday a week before...
His birthdate Feb 9th, Thursday
a week after that, 16th...he passed away...also Thursday.

And, now...i think i hate Thursday

But tomorrow is Friday, it's a Friday night today...
Best night to give him a present, big present.
Yassin & Tahlil.
 Hope can make it my routine, on Thursday.
And now i had to love Thursday.
 Because i love abah, so very much.

Al-Fatihah... ;'(