Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Logo --- Epic Failed.

Is this what we deserved to get, for our 55th Independant anniversary??...
I'm not trying to be rude or what, i'm not saying that the so-called designer don't have the talent,
(i'm not harshing the designer OK)

but...why did 'they' put as low as that for the standard of that logo?
at national level?
(that's called bunting/banner design-lah..not a logo dude!!!)
As what was uncle Gedek said;

SIX fonts in ONE logo??? That's too much!

This is just my opinion as one of the person that loving art, graphic and design thingy so very much.

It's really dissapointing.

We're already 55th dude!

They said;

Is it we're to advance, so then we can grab "most fastest logo design" title this year??
Ya-lah...everything want in record kan..?
Yeah. 5 minutes.
Google and MS Word.
No efforts.

Was that interpreted us as a Malaysian? No effort? Tunggu suap?
Some of us, ...most of us still surviving ---alone.

*And, one more thing, it's smells kinda fishy when politics agenda also involve in this matter.
That's sooo NOT Malaysian!!!*

I miss, the old Malaysia.

For the record, our previous logos ---much better.
Even don't have Ps, Ai, segala bagai yet.

Finally, i just wondering;

--- real MALAYSIAN???!!!

p/s : Sorry guys, i'm leaving my graphic&design hobby and carier now. They've found the new definition of art in this region, and i can't accept that. REALLY #sigh