Friday, August 3, 2012

photoshoot for Aidilfitri

...just to share some of the photos
that been shoots for our Innovation Unit's Hari Raya e-card.
We're lucky that our PS's Deputy Chief---his PA, allowed us to made up some photoshoots
at the rooftop of our HQ building,
that more scenarical, and can see half of Putrajaya.
But, 2 weeks lately, there's a haze.
So, not really nice view, but still fun doing it...

Yeah..we've doing it every year.
To send our wish to all staffs in my department.
More cheaper and faster --- via our postmaster email.

encik Boss...

PA Boss yg kacak....puiihh! hahaha!

boss kecik...boss besar

staff manjer....

hey ladies..!

skema style..

That's all..and post shooting will be more fun ---- editing.
Usually I'm working with 3 softwares,
Photoshop - for image editing.
Illustrator - for the wording.
and Photoscape - for the finishing and filters efx.

Usually we'll be publish a week before Eid, 

and more fun when other department will also send us back thier's.
A creative environment with a simple touch.