Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Suasana Hari Raya - Not Gangnam's Style.

..most craziest, happening, and sporting family.

(video courtesy of Anak Cucu Tok Haroon --- ACTH/Clan Fankrew/CelebrateTV on YOutube) 

Gangnam virus...just spreaded all over the globe.

nice & catchy song & dance.


Raya with my family,
fun enough, even though not with Gangnam style..hihihi..

But not so fun, because there are still grieving over the loss of my beloved abah.

Life must go on.

Syawal 1433H/2012M, still awesome.
With my dear family by my side.
Mommy, brothers, sisters, in-laws, and all my beloved nephews.

Alhamdulillah --- terima kasih Ya Allah.

3/6 of my nephews. Hazim, Farees & Syahmi. MakNgah's home...Muar Johore.

my 3rd brother with his kids. uncle's home ---Felda Kemelah, Segamat.

tribute to Miss Panda's bronze medal --- Pandalela.
tribute to Datuk Lee Chong Wei's silver medal... hihihi!

..gojes bukan? hahahaha!

most beloved women in my entire life --- lil'sis, mommy, and my elder sister. my 4th brother's home. & my elder sister.

our heroes...5/6 of my nephews.

my beloved lil'sister - Fyda Abdullah

...4/8 of my siblings, with mommy.