Sunday, June 15, 2014

Kemewahan Seni di "Art of Russian Luxury"

Salam sejahtera.
Mungkin ada yang sedia maklum, aku memang seorang peminat seni, tak kira lah seni apa saja.
Dan baru-baru ini, bertempat di Galeri Seni Visual Negara, sedang berlangsungnya satu pameran seni yang sangat 'ohhhsemmm'; seni, digabungkan dengan kemewahan! Apakah itu?? Jom baca informasi menarik ini yang dibawakan khas oleh TM Info Media.


   2014 is a significant year for the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Malaysia. Not only it marks the 47th year of bilateral relationship between the Russian Federation and Malaysia, but in conjunction with the Russian National Day this year, the Embassy brings a household name in the Russian jewellery industry, “Moiseikin” to Malaysia.

Partnering with a frequent Malaysian collaborator, TM Info-Media Sdn. Bhd. and through negotiations with another internal-class organization; the National Visual Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, the Embassy proudly presents ‘The Art of Russian Luxury by Moiseikin’ from 10th until 16th June 2014.

For this special showcase which represents the modern interpretation of 200-year-old Russian tradition of luxury founded by the famous Karl Faberge, Moiseikin shares 37 of his one-of-a-kind masterpieces for the public eye of Malaysians. Most of the exhibits are flown outside of Russia for the first time, eager to meet all art lovers in Malaysia.

Known for his skills and expertise in stone-cutting, Moiseikin presents beautiful animal figurines and graceful flowers inspired by Mother Nature with extreme details of precious stones.

      What makes the craft so unique is the fact that some of the exhibit items are actually pieces of jewellery attached together to form the jewellery miniatures.

One may need to look very closely to see that perhaps the golden bird hanging on the jewel tree is actually a brooch pin ready to complete your look for the day. Or perhaps the edible-looking fruits made of pearls dangling from the miniature are actually a pair of pearl earrings. Truly, a showcase not to be missed.

Highlight of the show.

“Horn of Plenty”, which is jewellery, lapidary and watch-making masterpiece. Its production took 3112 diamonds, and every detail was done manually as a separate art object. The first interpretation of the “Horn of Plenty” made ​​a huge impression on the international jewellery community. This interior clock became a symbol of the exhibition “Russian, Eastern & Oriental Fine Art Fair — London 2010”. MOISEIKIN decided to surprise the audience by introducing a brand new “Horn of Plenty”, which has never been exhibited before.

On last Tuesday, 10th June 2014, the Grand Opening was graced by YBhg. Dato’ Mahadzir Lokman, Chairman of the National Visual Arts Development Board who is also a local celebrity known for his versatility as an Emcee who speaks several languages including French, Spanish, Italian and German. More than 100 guests attended the opening including diplomats from various embassies in Malaysia and local visual artists who shared the same passion for beautiful artwork and crafts.

So, amacam??? Halusssssssss sangat kan!
Seriously memang ohsemmm!
Tak mampu nak miliki, tengok saja pun puas hati diknon! Hehehehe...
Apa tunggu lagi...masih berbaki sehari saja lagi untuk pergi kagum dengan hasil seni mewah yang halusssss ini.... JOM!!!