Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Think Its Just Had Ended

Been a while, since my last posts.
Too busy.
Handling and cupping up with all those bullshits in life.

All is well, i guess. *sigh!*

No, not really.
Penat actually.

Over time, all relationships change.
Friends come and go, most of them without much ceremony.
Its really amazing how strangers become the best of friends.
But it's bullshit when best of friends become some eff-ing strangers.

One minute you’re having fun and talks nonsenses happily with others,
and the next minute you’ve been treated like assholes by some others.
There’s no hard feelings. Yeah, i don't take that as miserably.
But rather a recognition that as you grow up, schedules fill quickly, and long absences from friends aren’t necessarily earth shattering or revelatory.

It’s the circle of social life.
But what happens when you consciously and dramatically de-friended someone that was especially close to you is absolutely cataclysmic.
When that one person, your BFF perhaps, so-called family perhaps,
to whom you text every mundanity of your every day life,
who knows you inside and out,
whose used to side you are always by,
Suddenly putting a eff-ing stupid blame on you, betrays you, hurts you, spit on you publicly or otherwise obviously tried to removes themselves from your life in some very obvious capacity,
it can be more destructive that the loss of any romantic partner you’ve ever experienced!

Don't ever called it is a friendship, if it, need to talk and stabs about others behind them.
Don't be some hypocrites assholes. Its really rude seh...
It is not cool...seriously!
And it doesn't even look cooler, when you tried to wanna-be someone else,
...look like a hero huh? LOL! Don't!

But its okay fellas.
I've a lots more eff-ing important things to do.
I don't really care, at all.
Its just another day in my life.
People comes and go.

Ohh..I forgot, I just realized that i really only exist when somebody really need something!
Seriously, one simple bullshits thing is enough to erased all those goods in you...been there!

Chills...tak perlu nak gelabah feeling matured! Relaks sudah beb.
Be yourself, busuk bacin i did.
Real friends doesn't bother that.