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Pelancaran Hartanah Rencana Royale 'Smart Home' TTDI


8 Ogos 2017 - Rencana  Royale, sebuah pemaju hartanah yang semakin dikenali ini telah melancarkan projek hartanah perumahan berkonsepkan 'smart home' atau rumah pintar yang terdiri daripada pelbagai konsep rekaan minimalis dan eksklusif dengan kemasan perabot tersedia - fully furnished unit. 

"Rencana Royale is the latest exciting properties developed by Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd, located on a beautiful two-acre Malay Reserve in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail TTDI."

Majlis Pelancaran Rencana Royale "Smart Home" ini telah dirasmikan oleh Y. BHG. Dato' Razali Bin Haji Ibrahim , Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri dalam suasana yang agak 'cozy' dan 'classy' di Rencana Royale Sales Gallery yang terletak di Lot 3064, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Yang menariknya, Rencana Royale merupakan sebuah projek yang terletak di Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) di sekitar Kampung Sungai Pencala, dan projek pelaburan hartanah ini dibina di atas Rizab Tanah Melayu dan jualan hanya dibuka khusus kepada warganegara Malaysia berbangsa Melayu, bagi menarik minat generasi baru pelabur-pelabur tempatan di sekitar kawasan ini.

"Rencana TTDI is the latest exciting properties developed by Minda Muhibah Sdn Bhd, located on a beautiful two-acre Malay Reserve in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail TTDI. This is an opportunity offered exclusively to Malay buyers who have a desire to invest in not only their futures but the future of how people live and go to work." 
Rencana Royale adalah satu projek bagi pembangunan untuk jangka panjang dan pembangunannya juga merangkumi hampir 2 ekar tanah komersial dengan jumlah sebanyak 622 unit  yang ditempatkan dalam 2 blok pembangunan. Memandangkan projek ini dilaksanakan di lokasi pusat komersial ternama negara, Rencana Royale percaya ia kan menjadi pelaburan yang sangat baik untuk pasaran Melayu.
Semasa majlis pelancaran ini, kami telah dibawa untuk meninjau showroom atau sales unit contoh Rencana Royale 'Smart Home' jenis Studio yang sangat menarik dengan rekaan yang minimalis, tetapi telah dilengkapi dengan peralatan dan perabot yang telah di'customize' menjadi lebih canggih dan pintar, menjimatkan ruang, dan memberikan lebih keselesaan kepada pemiliknya yang mementingkan privacy dan kekemasan ringkas, tetapi cukup nampak ekslusif dan sangat selesa.
"Unit-unit di Rencana Royale ini adalah direka dengan konsep FULLY FURNISHED STUDIO bersaiz di antara 472' persegi hingga 5,780' persegi. Dan bagi beberapa unit yang lebih besar adalah dikenali sebagai "Duplex"."
Selain rekaan jenis Studio, terdapat juga pilihan rekaan lain bergantung kepada kehendak pelabur itu sendiri seperti Studio Duplex, Deluxe Unit, dan Executive Suite dengan anggaran pemilikan bermula pada nilai RM282,000.00 hingga RM3,99,000.00.

Projek pembinaan yang mensasarkan golongan pelabur generasi baru ini juga dilengkapi dengan pelbagai kemudahan eksklusif, termasuklah infinity swimming pool, gymnasium, taman permainan, bilik permainan dan pocket park yang terletak di puncak bangunan yang pastinya akan menjadi tempat kediaman yang menenangkan.

Semasa Majlis Pelancaran ini juga, berlangsung sekali acara European Bussiness Quality Award bagi mengiktiraf pelabur-pelabur dan perniagaan usahasama Eropah bagi tahun ini dan Rencana Royale / Minda Muhibbah Sdn. Bhd. adalah antara penerima salah satu anugerah tersebut.

Bagi anda yang berminat untuk melawat Rencana Royale Sales Gallery / Smart Home Show Unit di TTDI, boleh menghubungi Mr. Tom Tong  +6017 - 623 6280 untuk keterangan lanjut.

Rencana Royale Sales Gallery,
Lot 3064, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook : Rencana Royale | Instagram : @rencanaroyale_ttdi

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Know Yourself Well Before Taking The Plunge Of Home Buying

Home buying is a big investment. So, before taking the plunge, make sure you know how to choose the best house. Begin with setting your priorities. Consider the amenities and features which are most crucial to the members of your family. Your spouse and kids should love it. If they do not find a particular house inviting and livable, then leave it and look for another house. Besides, research various neighborhoods and communities to look for an area which would suit your priorities. It should not be too far from your workplace or from the school of your kids. It should also be safe. If it is not, then no matter how beautiful the house is, the best would be to look for some other property. By searching house for sale Malaysia, one could survey on the required aspect of an idea home.

Schedule a time to talk about finances
Make a date to initially discuss both of your general feelings toward your finances. Talk about how you want to budget, pay for bills and save for the future. Then, schedule a weekly or bi-weekly meeting to go over your budget together so you both remain on the same page as your lives progress.

Think carefully about housing 
If you're planning on renting, both partners should have their names on the lease. This will help protect both parties legally in case anything goes sour. If you're making a long-term commitment to each other and are thinking about getting a home loan, the same rules apply. Make sure you both are legally protected if you decide to make this purchase together. If one person is more financially secure than the other, they can purchase the home and collect rent from their partner. It may not be the most romantic option, but in the end it could save a lot of headaches. If you both already own separate properties and are consolidating to one home it might be a good idea to rent out the newly vacant home rather than putting it up for sale right away. The newly generated rent income may reduce any unique financial burdens you may uncover by living together.

Document everything
Another important, unromantic aspect of protecting yourself while living with another person is making sure there is adequate documentation of every major purchase made. This is especially important for unmarried couples who do not have the same legal protections as married couples. Keep receipts for big ticket items and if the payment was shared, include the exact amounts that each person paid. This small step won't take much time to complete and then file away the receipt. Hopefully, you'll continue on in coexistent bliss and will never have to look at that receipt again.

Money can be a touchy subject, but people in a relationship will often have to address difficult subjects. A topic like finances should not be overlooked. Make sure you talk with your significant other about your financial future before moving in together - and definitely before buying a house together!

Financial Floaters
Decided that you are ready to take the plunge in the real estate market? Then better check out if you're really on board and have financial floaters with you to help you out. It's easier than done really, in this case, it's much easier to say that you're ready to be a home owner, but doing the process is all a different and serious matter. Especially if you're going to buy a property.

Are you really prepared to buy what can be considered a luxury home? Have you checked or assessed your finances lately, that you're certain of your financial stability now and in the next 3-5 years, so that you can regularly pay mortgages and other costs to maintain this kind of house? Why should you buy a home anyways, and an oceanfront property at that? If you are certain of your answers, then you truly are ready to take another step in realizing that grand dream of yours. It's better to address it now than being sorry after you have made the purchase.

Property Market Value
If you had already chosen a house among homes for sale, it would also be wise to know if that property is structurally sound, meaning it's in tip-top shape. The house may offer a lot of perks and may be gorgeous on its exterior, but you also need to inspect (most especially) the inside of the house. You can ask the seller outright how old the house is or if any home inspection had been done recently. If there had been, then ask next what repairs or replacements specifically had been done in the house.

You may also need to ask and check how long the property has been in the market. If it had been in the market for more than six months, it may be reasonable to renegotiate for the price. It may also be that the price had been lowered down a couple of times because of this situation. How many offers had the seller received since it was posted in the market? If the seller had been receiving many offers, then maybe you're up for a competition and that the house still has a great value. If the seller only had a few or even a handful, then it'll be reasonable to just hold on that offer yet, better yet, look for another home.

An investment property may entail the same concerns as that of buying an ordinary existing house. However, since oceanfront home costs rather expensive and its upkeep more extravagant, then it's wise to address these questions first before purchasing one. It's better to be a little particular, than being sorry later for acquiring a so-so purchase.

Location is another very important factor that you cannot afford to ignore. 
A good location would be the one with clean streets, well-maintained houses in the vicinity, nice parks, safety arrangements, and close to multiplexes, shopping centers, grocery stores and hospitals. If you find a location with all these features, then the only thing you would need to worry about would be the features of the house.
You should also do good homework to know if the asking price of the house that you want to buy is right. There are many factors that determine the price of a property, such as the current condition of the house, price of the other houses in the same neighborhood that have been recently sold etc. Availing the services of a credible real estate agent can be of great help here. He can actually help you know if the asking price for a particular house is fair or not.

Home Inspection 
Also, make sure to get the house examined by a qualified home inspector, as he can identify many such faults and drawbacks in the house which you cannot find yourself. Every property seller wants to sell his property at a price as high as possible and thus, at times he may try to conceal the features that can decrease the value and appeal of the house. So, beware of such clever sellers and look for a certified home inspector.

Once you decide to purchase a house, it is best not to hold off your plans thinking that you might get a lower loan interest rate or lower home price after few years. Delaying the home purchase with this idea in mind would do nothing, except for keeping you away from your dream home for years. The worst is when the property rates keep getting higher and you have to end up buying a house at a price higher than a few years back. Paying the installments of a mortgage is far better than paying monthly rent for a house that would never belong to you. So, what are you waiting for? Search online to see different types of home loans available, look for a proficient real estate agent and get started with your home buying journey.

Know yourself well before taking the plunge of home buying.

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